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for Researchers

Keep your study participants engaged while effortlessly collecting chronic pain outcomes
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Measuring chronic pain outcomes is difficult
The current approach to measuring pain and function uses paper-based questionnaires:
  • Time-intensive to deploy and digitize
  • Prone to errors of omission
  • Burdensome for patients to complete
  • Limited frequency of outcome collectio

Our Solution

Manage My Pain: A digital solution that collects patient-reported pain, function, and medication outcome data remotely and at a fraction of the cost
patient apps multi device image
allow people to track
pain and self-manage
clinical reports
translate patient experiences
for doctors during visits
monitoriing portal
shows patient progress outside
clinic and in between visits

Unprecedented engagement of chronic pain patients

Our solution has supported many clinical trials because of our unique ability to keep patients engaged and tracking their outcomes regularly and consistently.
> 30x outcome data collected
in a study that initially only used paper-based questionnaires
90% better communicate with their doctor
by using the reports during clinical visits
73% found it easier and more accurate
compared to paper-based questionnaires

Leading hospitals helped develop and use it

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