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for Health Plans

Lower the cost of chronic pain by helping your plan members self-manage their symptoms
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Chronic pain is a massive financial burden

It creates greater direct medical expenses than any other chronic condition - more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

However, managing chronic pain is complex

patient and doctor
patient and doctor
Members often need psychological support but don't recognize it
Measurement and communication is difficult
Doctors rely on members' subjective recall to evaluate progress and develop treatment plans
Dependencies on medications
Members lack self-management tools and safe alternatives to opioids

You can't manage what you can't measure or monitor

The root issue with managing pain is how it is measured
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Our solution better measures and monitors pain so it can be better managed
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Our Solution

Manage My Pain is the only digital solution available with clinically validated evidence that proves it empowers it's users and can reduce spend for health plans
Improved Quality Outcomes
We work with medical institutions for clinical validation on reduced anxiety and pain catastrophization
Shorter Disability Durations
Our solution improves user function and minimizes unnecessary interventions for chronic pain
Reduced Medical Spend
Overall we lower direct and indirect healthcare costs, 
decrease opioid misuse, and improve treatment effectiveness

Empower your members while reducing the impact of chronic pain

Manage My Pain as a health plan benefit will be used by those who need it most and result in significant cost-savings
(validated in a multi-site study)
(compared to similar claimants by age, reason for disability, and time on claim)

We are proud to be the world's only digital chronic pain solution with positive clinical impact
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Validated clinical impact

Patients who use Manage My Pain for at least 30 days have better outcomes after 3 & 6 months.
Pain Catastrophization graph
Pain Catastrophization
Anxiety graph
A 2-year multi-site study was led by Drs. Anuj Bhatia and Hance Clarke from Toronto's University Health Network.

Leading hospitals helped develop and use it

and innovative carriers license it

Find out how we can help you manage the costs of chronic pain