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for Pain Clinics

Lowering the human and financial cost of pain through patient engagement and analytics

Managing chronic pain is complex

High no-show and cancellation rates
Challenging to keep patients engaged so they return
Dependencies on medications
Lack of safe alternatives and self-management tools
Difficulty measuring and monitoring progress
Pain and function are subjective and hard to track between visits
You cannot manage
what you cannot measure or monitor
The current approach to measuring pain and function are paper-based questionnaires:
  • Time intensive to digitize
  • Prone to errors of omission
  • Burdensome for patients to complete
  • Limited in quantity of data

Our Solution

Managing Life is a digital solution that helps patients and doctors better measure and monitor pain so it can be better managed.
Keep patients engaged while collecting outcomes and enabling self-management
Use our concise summaries of clinically-relevant outcomes for more effective visits
Request patients complete questionnaires prior to their visit and monitor their progress remotely

Unprecedented engagement and validated clinical impact

An independently-analyzed 2-year study at 4 clinics showed that chronic pain patients not only try Manage My Pain, but they use it regularly, and, as a result, have better outcomes!
73% willing to try the app
(at urban, community care, and rural clinics)
88% found it easy to use
(only 1 person out of 98 said it was difficult to use)
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Pain Catastrophization
clinical reports
monitoriing portal
Pain Perception of Pain
We are proud to have the world's only commercially-available digital chronic pain solution with positive clinical impact

Leading hospitals helped develop and use it

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