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for Disability Carriers

Shorten claim durations for clients with chronic pain while improving their claims experience
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Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability

The prevalence of chronic pain disability claims creates a massive financial burden.
29.1% of all disability claims
largely due to musculoskeletal conditions
$18M / 1,000 LTD claims
paid to people with chronic pain every year

However, managing chronic pain is complex

patient and doctor
patient and doctor
Progress is difficult to measure and assess
Pain and function are subjective and based on Client's recall
Dependencies on medications
Lack of safe alternatives and self-management tools

You can't manage what you can't measure or monitor

The root issue with managing pain is how it is measured
clipboard with pain questionaire
Our solution better measures and monitors pain so it can be better managed
patient reports generated from ManageMyPain

Our Solution

Manage My Pain: A digital solution that brings 3 components together to empower employees, doctors, and case managers
screen devices of patients app
allow clients to track their pain and self-manage
patients reports
improve treatment plans when shared with client's care-team
screen of monitoring portal
allows case managers to assess, support, and monitor claimants

We shorten claim duration and improve claims experience

A 2-year pilot with a disability carrier showed clients are willing to use Manage My Pain and doing so has a significant impact
58% agreed to register and try the app
(across STD, LTD, and Extended Duration)
91% provided consent to share their data with their case manager
(optional for clients and not required to receive full access)
53% say their claims experience improved
(as a result of being offered MMP free of charge)
~7 months of claim saved per client
(compared to similar clients by age, reason for disability, and time on claim)
These results are currently being packaged into a whitepaper which will be available soon.
We are proud to be the world's only digital chronic pain solution with positive clinical impact
screens of manage my pain app

Leading hospitals helped develop and use it

and innovative carriers license it

Find out how we can help you manage the costs of chronic pain