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Reduce the impact of chronic pain by helping your employees get the treatment they need
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Chronic pain has a significant financial burden

Chronic pain, largely due to MSK conditions, is a leading cause of presenteeism, absenteeism, health plan costs, and disability claims
working adults who suffer from chronic pain, over half of whom have back pain
people with chronic pain are less able / unable to work
disability claims due to chronic pain, primarily musculoskeletal conditions

However, managing chronic pain is complex

patient and doctor
patient and doctor
Employees often need psychological support but don't recognize it
Measurement and communication is difficult
Doctors rely on employees' subjective recall to evaluate progress and develop treatment plans
Dependencies on medications
Employees lack self-management tools and safe alternatives to opioids

Our Solution

Manage My Pain: A digital solution that brings 3 components together to empower employees, doctors, and case managers
  • screen of patients app
    Keep employees engaged with their health while enabling self-management
  • patient reports
    Employees use our clinical reports with their care-team for more effective treatment
  • screen of monitoring portal
    Aggregate insights can help define and evaluate support programs to reduce costs and improve ROI

We take privacy and security seriously

We are a SOC2 certified company and are compliant with global privacy legislation
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Our Evidence

Manage My Pain is the only digital solution available with clinically validated evidence that proves it empowers it's users and can reduce spend for health plans
We are proud to be the world's only digital chronic pain solution with positive clinical impact
screens of manage my pain app

Leading hospitals helped develop and/or use it

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and innovative carriers recommend it

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