Manage My Pain Joins Sun Life Financial's Digital Health Community

September 24, 2018
Manage My Pain helps patients with chronic pain better understand their condition and communicate with their doctors.
"Manage My Pain," an app that helps people explain their pain patterns to their healthcare providers, will now be offered through Sun Life Financial's digital health community. Through the community, users can download and test out the app on their mobile devices and computers. We are very excited to be partnering with Sun Life in this innovative new digital health community.

Sun Life's digital health community was created to help Canadians live healthier lives. It features timely and informative health-related content, and a marketplace of innovative health and wellness-related apps, products and services, often with valuable discounts and special offers. "This is a personalized way to connect Canadians with health innovations that matter to them," says Chris Denys, Senior Vice-President, Possibilities, Sun Life Financial. "The idea is to curate emerging digital health products and services to connect Canadians to them, and give them a platform to share their feedback."

"Manage My Pain" helps answer a question from doctors that are commonly heard by sufferers of chronic pain "how has your pain been since I've seen you last?" This is also a question that many find difficult to answer. The app uses patient engagement and analytics to help people track, analyze, and communicate their pain trends to their practitioners. It has been used by over 30,000 chronic pain sufferers and is currently deployed at a number of hospitals across Canada and the United States.

About ManagingLife

ManagingLife is a privately held Corporation based in Toronto, Canada that uses patient engagement and analytics to help chronic pain sufferers and practitioners learn more about their condition and better communicate with each other. ManagingLife's app-based tool, "Manage My Pain" is used by over 30,000 chronic pain sufferers from over 130 countries to record their pain, function, and medication consumption. ManagingLife works with hospitals, clinical trials, and insurers to help healthcare professionals better measure, monitor, and manage their patients' pain and medications.

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