Green Shield Canada Launches Digital Health Strategy for Chronic Pain Patients

May 17, 2018
Green Shield Canada (GSC) is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot project that will connect chronic pain sufferers in its plan member population to a digital strategy to better manage their condition. GSC, in partnership with Toronto technology start-up ManagingLife, will be providing chronic pain patients with free access to an award-winning mobile application called Manage My Pain. Developed in collaboration with top pain specialists in Canada, Manage My Pain allows users to:
  • Track their pain in just 30 seconds a day
  • Analyze their pain with easy-to-understand graphs and charts
  • Share their pain data with their doctor(s) or health providers

A National Institutes of Health study estimated that up to one in five Canadians suffers from chronic pain. In addition, almost half of those with chronic pain reported suffering from it for more than 10 years and rated the intensity in the very severe range.

Keeping a record of pain data will help plan members and their doctors/health providers identify patterns and trends that can lead to better pain management, allowing chronic pain sufferers to get back to living their lives more fully and possibly even reducing their reliance on pain medications. "Given that so many Canadians suffer from chronic pain, there is a significant opportunity for employers and insurers to play a more active role," says Tahir Janmohamed, founder and CEO, ManagingLife. "By partnering with GSC, we'll be able to support even more people with chronic pain and help them get back to doing the things they love."

In keeping with GSC's broader incentive-based health management program Change4Life®, participants in the pilot will receive bonus points and access to rewards on the Change4Life health management portal.

"At GSC, we believe the tools at the disposal of the Canadian health care community in dealing with chronic pain have been rudimentary," says David Willows, GSC's chief innovation and marketing officer. "This pilot aims to introduce modern technology to the mix that will support patients and physicians in advancing care for this condition."

In 2019, GSC will begin to report on the impact of this initiative with a view to sharing findings with health care stakeholders in both the public and private spheres.

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