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Lowering the human and financial cost of pain through patient engagement and analytics

Financial Problem

Chronic pain due to MSK conditions is a leading cause of disability claims and a massive financial burden.
29.1% of all claims
annual benefits paid to people with chronic pain / per 1000 LTD claims
Affects 20% of people and costs more than any other chronic condition in North America
Medical Expenses
$282B in medical Expenses
Opioid Usage
1/7 patients are prescribed opioids to manage their pain

Managing chronic pain is complex

Patients and clinicians face unique challenges
  • Often have anxiety or depression
  • Find it hard to explain symptoms
  • Become dependent on doctors or medicines
  • Cannot measure pain effectively
  • Have no visibility outside of the clinic
  • Lack patient self-management tools
  • Allows people to track pain and self-manage App takes patients 60 seconds to record how they are feeling
  • Translate patient experiences for doctors during visits
  • Shows patient progress outside clinic and in between visits

It's being used and loved!

ManagingLife helps employers have direct and positive impact by providing employees the right benefits.
Employee Engagement
  • Employees are willing to use the software
  • 75% feel empowered
Clinical Impact
  • 89% better communication with their doctor
Close Claims Faster and Drive Savings
  • 89% better communication with doctor
  • 75% feel more empowered
  • 35K+ active users
  • 1.1M+ pain episodes and daily reflections tracked

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